Please fill in the submission form for all abstract authors and send it with PDF abstract file enclosed to

For abstracts that have only students listed as authors, the research supervisor's review is required. A scanned copy of the review should be sent together with the submission form and PDF abstract file to

CEUR Publication

This year we are planning to present several full papers from SAIT for publishing at . CEUR publications are indexed by publication databases, such as SCOPUS.

CEUR publication requirements

CEUR publication does not require additional fees. If you are planning to submit a paper for CEUR publishing along with your SAIT abstract, you need to submit before May 12, 2018 your full paper text, considering the following requirements:

– formatting as a Word document with .doc extension; 

– volume – at least 6 pages (including tables, figures, references); 

– extended abstract with at least 250 words;

– full paper text is desirable to be in English. In case of publication in Russian or Ukrainian, translation of information about authors and abstract to English is obligatory; 

– font – Times New Roman;

– А4 page format;

– name of a paper – font size – 18;

– author information – font size – 12;

– headers – font size – 12;

– paper text – font size – 10;

– 1 interval between rows;

– references text – font size – 9,5.

 Paper texts should contain the following obligatory structure elements:

1. -  paper name;

2. -  authors' name and surname;

3. - authors' affiliation;

4. - city, country;

5. - authors' e-mail;

6. - abstract;

7. - keywords.

Formatting template can be downloaded here.